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Is the connection to my account safe?

Yes, the connection is managed by Google, the box where you add your details is controlled by Google, they even helped us build the integration to ensure the safety and integrity of the connection at all times. You are in control of the connection and can terminate it at any time.

What is the cost to run the Audit tool?

The Audit tool is completely free to use at this time. No credit card required. If you wish to action the recommendations in your account, there will be a fee displayed on your report which will tell you how much this will cost.

Will you make changes to my account?

No changes will be made to your account, the data is simply used to calculate how much of your spend is wasted in zero converting data points. We’ll only make changes if you decide to pay to use the service.

How long will the report take to run?

Unlike other free tools we use alltime data, so if you have a well established account, it may take some time to gather all the data points. Simply leave your browser open on the page, then refresh it when you come back later.

How do I know your recommendations are accurate?

Provided you are using current tracking code that has been properly installed the recommendations will be accurate. Our machine learning has been used on some of the biggest brands in the world with great success, it’s also extremely powerful on small accounts. We use conversion values as opposed to conversions to make our calculations. If you are using conversions please contact us for a manual review.

I’m an Agency, will you contact my client?

No, we will not contact the Account Holder, only the person who has entered their details into the Audit Tool.

How do I action the savings in the report?

At the bottom of the report there is a one off fee for actioning the changes. Simply enter your card details and once Stripe has processed the payment your report will be actioned.

How long will it take to see the results of MLoD being run on my account?

The results are immediate, never again will you pay a penny/cent on the data points with zero conversion values.

What will happen if I don’t action the changes?

If you maintain the same level of spend on a similar product range (or service for Lead Gen) , you will continue to spend approximately the same amount on zero conversion – indefinitely. If you’re unsure about this, check back next month.

Is MLoD just another bidding tech?

In a word, no! Existing tech might be able to identify negative keywords, but not all the datapoints that resulted in zero conversions. It’s easy to win if you’re bidding on the right things, and even easier to lose if bidding on the wrong things, regardless of how good your bidding strategy is. We identify and remove, what not to bid on, so you can spend your money wisely and maximise sales.

Do I need to have a subscription to use MLoD?

No you can pay as you go. Every account will need a different frequency of change, dependant on it’s size, the volatility of products/services and whether the account has been “limited by budget”. Come back in a months time to see how quickly your Zero Conversion data points are building back up in the account.

How is Seasonality handled by MLoD?

We look at all time data as well as recent. Our changes are the safest ones you can make as they’re data points which have NEVER delivered a conversion. If you sold an item/service at Christmas but you wont sell it the rest of the year MLoD wont touch it as there will have been conversions against it at some point.

What is the algorithm you’re using to calculate the changes?

If we told you that we’d have to kill you. Only kidding. Our algorithms are proprietary. We’re not just a bunch of people running scripts. We have in house engineers who are 5 years post PHD in Machine Learning who design and test our Algorithms. We’re a really interesting place to work if you’re an Engineer looking for a job!

What do my results mean on less than 10% savings on zero conversions?

For e-commerce sites, it’s usually an indication of suboptimal account structures in Google Ads. Not only will you have significantly more waste that can’t be identified, poor structures stifle sales. Speak to us about our automated structure builders to improve sales and give better insights. Either your bidding mainly on brand and/or you’re using a weighted conversion method. Contact us for a manual report run on a fractionated ROAS for a more accurate saving. OR Your spend in the last 30 days is significantly down, wait until spend returns to normal and run the audit tool again

What attribution method have you used to calculate the results?

We've used whatever is in you account, but regardless, we're mining for data points with zero conversions over all time and current data, so the attribution method wont affect our results.

What click limit have you used?

We don't use arbitrary click limits, limits are calculated per account dependant on the performance data in the account.

What do my results mean on 10-30% savings on zero conversions?

Most accounts will have between 10-30% of spend wasted on zero conversion. This is completely normal as most Bid tech and Google cannot identify them with their standard reports. Get more bang for your buck by eliminating the zero conversion waste.

What do my results mean on over 30% savings on zero conversions?

The account may have been very poorly managed, OR If you are an ecommerce site with high value items with more than 10% of your sales happening offline , you may not be accurately capturing your conversion values and actioning the report may kill off zero converting touch points which are delivering high value sales. Contact us for a manual review. If you are a lead gen site you may not have your goals and conversions set up correctly, it's likely you either have no goals or you are optimising against conversions, not conversion values. Please contact us for a manual review.

Will my Google Ads bills go down?

If the account is well established with a steady product/service offering and the impression share is high, you may well see a decrease in your Google Ads bill as the monthly predicted savings will prevent that spend happening from month to month. However you may choose to increase spend to be more competitive on your bids to improve your sales and market share. If the account has been starved of budget and you see “limited by budget” warnings in the account, the savings will likely be consumed by this. New search terms will serve against the account, some of which will likely generate an increase in sales giving better ROAS. In volatile accounts with a high turnover of new products your reclaimed spend will help improve ROAS. But you’ll need to use MLoD regularly to keep the waste lean and maintain the improved ROAS

Is MLoD safe to use?

Yes on 2 counts!

We are GDPR compliant, Google helped us build the interface to Google Ads and they managed the secure connection on EU compliant servers (with some of the highest standards of security in the world). Your data won’t be shared with anyone and is protected under GDPR.

The actual changes we make are the safest types of changes you can effect because;

I Love the effect MLoD has had on my account, what else can you do for me?

We have lots of different services, it depends on your spend and business goals. If you're happy with your current arrangements and you just want the zero conversions removed from your account regulalry to maximise your spend, you can have a pay monthly MLoD account, with no contract. If you'd like your whole Shopping Service looking at from feed optimising (we've got a great name for that too with a cracking bit of Visual AI for more challenging feeds) to bidding , MLoD comes as standard as part of the package. See Our Services to choose which is right for you.

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